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Jobs and Wages in the United Kingdom

Delivery Driver Salary in The UK – Jobs and Wages in the United Kingdom

Delivery Driver Salary in The UK

It shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone that there’s a lot of demand for delivery services right now and therefore plenty of delivery driver vacancies with leading and fast-growing delivery companies like RAM Distribution.

After all, the statistics tell their own story. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Internet sales were an already-healthy 19% of all retail sales in Great Britain in February. However, by the time the coronavirus lockdown restrictions had been in place for a few months, this figure had jumped to almost a third of total retail sales.

That’s an astounding change and shows that the delivery of goods to homes and businesses is likely to be one of the UK’s major growth industries for some time to come. That, in turn, means a lot of steady work and good job security for someone becoming a delivery driver in Britain at the moment.

So, you’ll have a strong chance of getting a job – but it gets even better than that…

…that’s because you can also expect to earn a good wage from all of that consistent work! Indeed, here at RAM Distribution, our standard non-London route rate per day is £120, rising to £142.50 per day for drivers of medium wheelbase vans.

Our standard London route rate per day, meanwhile, is £127.50, and when a medium wheelbase van is used, this rises to £155.

That’s all pretty impressive stuff given that you don’t even need any related experience to get a delivery driver job with us. In fact, we’ll provide the necessary training, while paying you for it.

That’s not the end of the story, though. As well as your main delivery driver salary, we’ll cover business mileage at £0.16 per mile, while you will also have the additional motivation of a £480 monthly performance-based incentive.

When you also consider the five or six days’ a week work you can expect all year round, together with the regular opportunities for promotion that we offer to our delivery drivers, you can probably begin to appreciate why so many people are seeking to become delivery drivers with RAM Distribution.

You could be a step away from both a secure and fulfilling future!

One only needs to glance at the latest news headlines to appreciate that COVID-19 has definitely not gone away. Local lockdown restrictions are still being put in place, and it is far from certain whether anything approaching pre-pandemic ‘normality’ will return even in 2021 or 2022, never mind 2020.

All the while, more and more of us are becoming accustomed to the convenience of ordering items online and having them delivered to our homes and businesses. That’s likely to mean the healthy level of work you see as a delivery driver now will continue for many months and even years to come – with all of the associated earning potential.

Various independent sources point to the formidable wages you could earn as a delivery driver in the UK, including the National Careers Service and Payscale, which both suggest a salary of as much as £27,000 a year is possible as you become more experienced in this line of work.

So, why wait any longer to investigate the opportunities to join us? When you do apply for a delivery job in South East England with us, we’ll get back in touch with you straight away.


Delivery Driver Salary

Van Requirements for Delivery Driver Jobs

Having your own van is not a requirement, we can support your start-up with van rental, no upfront costs!

Have your own van? See below requirements

  • Hire and reward insurance.
  • Minimum 5 cubic metres (SWB route).
  • Minimum 8 cubic metres (MWB route).
  • Maximum 6 points – No major conviction.


  • Drivers/Hirers aged 22-50 years of age with a UK Licence for 2 Year.
  • NON-UK Licence – 22 or over having held a full Licence for Minimum of 2 years.
  • Maximum 6 points – No major convictions.