The Importance of Delivery Drivers During the Pandemic


The Importance of Delivery Drivers During the Pandemic

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of delivery drivers. With physical shops and restaurants closing their doors, businesses and customers came to rely on the convenience and flexibility of delivery drivers. As lockdown starts to ease and stores begin to reopen their doors, we’re still expecting to see increasing demand for delivery services throughout 2021 and beyond. 

We’re taking a look at the growing demand for delivery drivers and what benefits come with being a van delivery driver. If you’re looking for a full-time job or part-time hours to help you through the pandemic, becoming a delivery driver could earn you up to £175 per day in London. 

How Delivery Drivers Became Pandemic Heroes 

While other employees were furloughed or started to work remotely, delivery drivers were put into the spotlight during the pandemic. The Financial Times named delivery drivers as one of the most in-demand jobs at the end of 2020. In the uncertain job climate of the pandemic, delivery drivers are one industry with a steady stream of income and regular hours. In the UK, the FT pointed out that delivery drivers were the most sought-after employees.

It’s not just household names using delivery drivers. With the pandemic closing shop doors, more independent businesses are turning to delivery services as a way of keeping their stores afloat. Almost every company – big and small – turned to the internet as a way of keeping their businesses operating. While this led to an increase in sales, it posed a problem for these companies. How do they get their products to their customers? 

With the postal service oversubscribed, private distribution centres and van delivery drivers became the unsung heroes of the pandemic. Whether it was delivering Christmas presents or flowers from a loved one, we’ve all benefited from delivery drivers working through the pandemic. 

In March 2021, online sales account for almost 35% of all retail purchases. One area where we’ve seen accelerated growth throughout the pandemic is e-commerce sales for fashion and textile stores. In March 2021, a year on from the start of the pandemic, online sales for fashion and textiles had increased 78.2% compared to their March 2020 stats. These figures also reflect a month-on-month increase, with March seeing a 10.9% increase from February 2021 as consumers prepare for spring and summer.

Delivery services across the board have seen an increase in demand, with the pandemic more than doubling orders on food-delivery apps. Delivery drivers, whether they’re on a motorbike or in a van, have provided a vital lifeline for businesses that have kept the economy afloat and allowed small businesses to keep their doors open.

Our sector has been labelled as ‘essential workers’, continuing their delivery services throughout the pandemic. While everyone else was safe at home, van delivery drivers kept the show on the road by delivering essentials, whether it was medication or other supplies. At the start of the pandemic, the Department for Transport immediately announced a relaxation on delivery hours, showing how essential delivery drivers became during the pandemic. It showed the government’s awareness of the importance of delivery drivers for keeping the economy afloat.

While lockdown is easing and stores are starting to reopen, people are still wary about going outdoors. The convenience of online shopping means that ordering from e-commerce sites will be the norm while going in-store will be a rarity. The demand for delivery drivers existed before the pandemic, as we all come to rely more on online stores and the flexibility of next day delivery. As we come out the other side of the pandemic, the only way is up for the commercial delivery sector. 

The Benefits of Being a Delivery Driver


If you’ve ever looked into van delivery driver jobs, you might have wondered what the benefits would be. At Ram Distribution, we give our delivery drivers several incentives to improve productivity and motivation. We offer monthly incentives, opportunities for promotions, and bonuses where applicable. Our performance-based monthly incentives are valued at up to £480.

Due to the growing demand for delivery drivers, this is one of the most secure jobs on the market right now. As a delivery driver, you have extra peace of mind that your job is safe and that you’ll have regular hours with a consistent income stream. These benefits make the job an ideal choice for anyone looking for a full-time position or extra part-time hours to top-up their other job.

At Ram Distribution, we offer our drivers regular training opportunities that are provided for by the company. As one of our drivers, you’ll have access to regular work, up to 5-6 days a week, all year round. Our friendly support team are on hand to help you with your delivery driver application. 

Requirements to Become a Delivery Driver

At Ram Distribution, our requirements are set to make our delivery driver jobs as accessible as possible. During the pandemic, more people are looking for transitional work while they’re between jobs, or for a new career with flexible hours.

To qualify for our delivery driver positions, you must be eligible to work in the UK and have a full valid driving license, with a maximum of 6 penalty points and no previous insurance or drink-driving issues. Our drivers must not have any ‘unspent’ criminal convictions, and they’ll be required to pass random drug and alcohol testing. What we care most about is your friendly personality and ability to deliver great customer service while on your delivery. 

At Ram Distribution, we offer van delivery driver jobs across multiple locations in the South East. We’re the delivery service of choice for some of the world’s largest online retailers and have immediate jobs available across our different locations. We don’t require you to have a van, and we can help you find your feet with a rental van. Interested in finding out more about our delivery driver vacancies? You can see our current job openings here, along with our qualification requirements.