Getting started as a delivery driver

Getting started as a delivery driver

Getting started as a delivery driver is very easy.

To begin, you should possess the following:

  • Be eligible to work in the UK.
  • Ability to communicate in English effectively.
  • A maximum of 6 driving points on your driving license.
  • Pass a drug and alcohol test.
  • A strong desire to deliver top-quality customer service.

There is a legitimate need for delivery drivers in the UK. Studies have shown that with the advent of drop-shipping and other internet-based businesses, there came an accompanying need to deliver the product to the final consumer.

More and more people are trying to save time that is usually spent going to the grocery store and deciding what to buy, on shopping online, and having their orders delivered to the location of their choice, hence the increase in the demand for delivery drop drivers in the modern marketplace.

As a multi-drop driver, there aren’t many variations to your job. But based on your employer, the first things required from you include:

  • Loading and offloading products from your vehicle.
  • We are contacting and communicating with customers.
  • Driving your vehicle through designated routes.
  • Inspecting your vehicle daily to make sure it’s in optimal working condition.
  • Reporting and handling complaints from customers.

These are the core duties of a delivery driver, and once in a while, depending on what company you work for, there might be some additional responsibilities but be rest assured, it usually revolves around the five listed above.

Delivery driving is one of the new emerging sectors of the job economy borne out of necessity. It is also one of the most sought after jobs because:

  • It can be done by anyone regardless of sex, gender, class, and age.
  • It has very flexible working hours.
  • It does not matter if you have a vehicle or not; either way, there is always an opportunity for you.
  • The pay is very attractive.
  • You develop your driving skills.
  • It helps you grow your people skills as you navigate the client-customer terrain of the business.
  • And most of all, it puts your safety in the hands of the person who values it the most. You!

At RAM Distribution, we pride ourselves in providing the best delivery drivers in the business for our clients, which range from online stores, personal companies, superstores, to haulage fleet operators.

With an operational model dedicated to creating and providing value for both our clients and our drivers, we are in the business of delivering results and empowering people.

We are recruiting with vacancies for delivery drivers. We offer competitive rates and benefits to all our employees and provide them with opportunities to hone their skills and grow on the job.

Drivers are a dime a dozen, but Professional Multi-drop and delivery drivers are scarce, and we’ve made it our mission to fill up the business need with qualified drivers who not only drive deliveries but also value to our clients.

Delivery driving is an untapped mine of opportunities, and at RAM Distributionwe encourage you to apply to become one today with us. Empower yourself with the experience and skills to become a better driver and, in the long run, a better person.

RAM Distribution have delivery driver jobs available in SwindonBasildonWembleyHemel HempsteadDunstable, BarkingBromley-By-BowIpswich and Maidstone.

Delivery Driver Jobs Qualification

  • Be eligible to work in the UK
  • Have a full valid Driving Licence (maximum 6 penalty points and no previous endorsements relating to Insurance (‘IN’) or drink-driving (‘DR’)
  • Must not have any ‘Unspent’ criminal convictions.
  • Needs to pass a Drug & Alcohol test with occasional random tests thereafter
  • Applicant should have a friendly personality
  • Have a passion for delivering great customer service
  • Speak reasonable English

What we pay Delivery Driver

  • Medium Wheel Base Van London Route Rate Per Day: £171.25 **
  • Standard London Route Rate Per Day: £147.75 **
  • Medium Wheel Base Van Non-London Route Rate Per Day: £162.75 **
  • Standard Non-London Route Rate Per Day: £140.25 **
  • Plus – Business Mileage
  • Plus – Monthly Incentive: £480

Van Requirements for Delivery Driver Jobs

Having your own van is not a requirement, we can support your start-up with van rental, no upfront costs!

Have your own van? See below requirements

  • Hire and reward insurance.
  • Minimum 5 cubic metres (SWB route).
  • Minimum 8 cubic metres (MWB route).
  • Maximum 6 points – No major conviction.


  • Drivers/Hirers aged 22-50 years of age with a UK Licence for 2 Year.
  • NON-UK Licence – 22 or over having held a full Licence for Minimum of 2 years.
  • Maximum 6 points – No major convictions.

** Please note that these rates are applicable from NOW until 26/12/2020. From 27/12/2020, season incentive payments are no longer payable