How to become a Delivery Driver?

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What do you need to do, to become a Delivery Driver?

A delivery driver is typically responsible for collecting goods from a pickup point and transporting them to customers or clients

RAM Distribution provide delivery services to the world’s largest online retailer and have immediate delivery driver positions available at several different locations.

So you could, for example, be delivering furniture, clothes, electrical goods, car parts, plants and anything else that will fit in your van.

The good news is that, with a sharp increase in online shopping, the need for multi-drop drivers has also increased; meaning there are ample job opportunities out there. In the UK, the average annual salary for a van driver is £30,522, or £10.87 an hour, according to

This type of work is great if you need flexible working hours or shift patterns or want to work part-time. You work only when it suits you, often in between other jobs, with working hours of between 45 and 54 hours usually available every week on a self-employed contract basis. It is often possible to work regular day shifts, but employers may want you to work some evenings and weekends.

A typical day as a delivery van driver will usually start with collecting goods from a warehouse or other pickup point. You will be notified in advance of the address and pick-up time, then arrive on schedule to load your vehicle. The route you take through your delivery area will usually be calculated in advance, meaning you get stop-by-stop navigation from one address to the next.

This technology usually takes the form of an App which allows you to complete your deliveries in the most time and fuel-efficient manner, and to avoid unnecessary traffic and roadworks. Once you arrive at an address, you will be responsible for delivering the parcel to the customer, obtaining signatures if required, then moving on to the next address using the App’s inbuilt navigation.

To become a delivery driver, some things will help you succeed as a delivery van driver include good communication and interpersonal skills. This will be important when taking instructions from your on-site manager, liaising with colleagues and especially when talking to customers. Being able to solve problems and think on your feet will also help when driving on the roads.

It’s very important to be a calm and patient driver, as every day will be different! You will likely encounter unforeseen accidents, road works, bad weather and other things that are out of your control but will affect your working day.

Any experience you have of working in transport and logistics, or driving in a professional capacity, will be a bonus when applying for jobs. Vacancies will be listed on our vacancies page.

One of the benefits of being a multi-drop delivery van driver rather than, for example, an HGV driver, is that your drop off locations will usually be local. And with online sales growing at a seemingly exponential rate, it means that the density of deliveries in most areas is also increasing – this means fewer miles driven and means you will not be driving for hours on end, or having to stay away from home overnight etc. It’s also a great role if you enjoy a varied workday and don’t mind some early starts.

Want to become a Delivery Driver?

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Van Requirements for Delivery Driver Jobs Basildon

Having your own van is not a requirement, we can support your start-up with van rental, no upfront costs!

Have your own van? See below requirements

  • Hire and reward insurance.
  • Minimum 5 cubic metres (SWB route).
  • Minimum 7 cubic metres (MWB route).
  • Maximum 6 points – No major conviction.


  • Drivers/Hirers aged 25-50 years of age with a UK Licence for 2 Year.
  • NON-UK Licence – 25 or over having held a full Licence for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Maximum 6 points – No major convictions.